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Lawn Bulk (6 month) Fertiliser 2.5KG

Lawn Bulk (6 month) Fertiliser 2.5KG

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A blend or organic plant based bio stimulant with a coated controlled release fertiliser.


There are two prills, one being a green prill which is a slow release formula, allowing it to drip feed the grass over a period of 5-6 months. The other being a black prill, which is our organic quick release, allowing results to be visible within 5 days. This is a dust free product, preventing the plant from scorching, and thanks to the slow-release technology, this high quality fertiliser only needs to be applied twice a year! Covers 100m2, ideally to be applied with our fert shaker for an even distribution.


We recommend applying this product during growing season (March to September) this will thicken out the lawn and give a nice green colour all spring/summer.


We also have products for the Autumn/Winter (October to February) which will keep your lawn nice and strong through the cold periods.


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